3 Wild Herbs For Lucid Dreaming

October 19, 2017 91 Comments

Do you remember what you dreamt about last night?  How about the night before?

For thousands of years, we humans have placed a ton of value on the content of these bedtime reveries, deriving inner wisdom and even premonitions from them. Dreaming feels like a birthright, an extra sense that allows us to process both rationally and spiritually while our body rests up.

They are one of behavioral science’s biggest mysteries, with no agreed-upon theory of their origin and specific purpose. For some, dreams occur nightly, but others never experience them at all.

One thing is for sure – many who don’t dream wish they did.

Since I was young, I’ve had them on a regular basis, but have always known there were deeper places to go in this state of consciousness.  The quest for many is to achieve the lucid dream, or “knowing we’re dreaming” inside the dream.

The lucid dreamers I know are able to navigate their dreamscape with an awakened mind, asking characters they come across pretty insightful questions about their spirit path. They can run, jump, and fly at will, gaining profound inner wisdom from the experience.

If you would like to dream more at night, and perhaps experience the magical lucid dream, there are three wild herbs that have been used throughout time to accomplish just that.

The herbs below are all 100% legal, and easy to get ahold of. However, please do your own research before trying any of them – herbs are medicine and they should be treated with proper caution.  These plants each have a variety of other medicinal uses, but we’re focusing solely on their dream-enhancing effects.

Wild Asparagus Root  Asparagus racemosus

wildasparagusrootThe Chinese word for wild asparagus root is Tian Men Dong – or heavenly spirit herb. For millennia, it’s been cherished by shamans, monks, and yogis for its heart-opening effects.

Also known as “The Flying Herb”, it’s believed that wild asparagus root helps one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams.  The wisdom schools of ancient China placed much value on dream work, namely lucid dreaming.

In Chinese folk medicine, it is believed that this particular herb has a direct and positive effect on the heart energy, dissolving the dualities that come with our physical incarnation – black and white, left and right, inside and out. This allows our consciousness to blossom into infinite space while we sleep.

Preparation: the best way to use wild asparagus for this particular purpose, is to brew a tea of either the fresh or dried root.  Keep in mind that a tea from the fresh root will be much more potent.

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Valerian Root Valeriana officinalis

valerianroot-150x150This herb has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a calming aid, muscle relaxant, and to promote deep sleep.  Because lucid dreaming usually requires a heightened state of slumber, it has become a commonly reported side effect of valerian root.

Many also report that valerian greatly improves the ability to remember their dreams. Robert Monroe, a famed specialist in Out Of Body Experiences, once said “Most of us dream, and those who don’t simply are not remembering them.”

Imagine an herb that not only promotes deep states of sleep that are fertile ground for vivid dreams, but also boosts our ability to remember what happened the morning after.  Valerian might be just that.

Warning: Because there isn’t enough information available regarding its effects during pregnancy, women who are expecting are better off avoiding it altogether.

Keep in mind: If you already experience extreme dream states, you might think twice before trying valerian.  It can intensify your nocturnal adventures quite a bit – which is wonderful when you’re having a good dream, but not-so-great if you’re having a nightmare.

Preparation: Valerian is most commonly brewed in a tea, but be careful to use water that is hot, but not boiling, in order to preserve the delicate oils in the root. Some also prepare a tincture from the dried or fresh root (this can usually be found at health food stores).

Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris

mugwort1Very common throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, mugwort has a rich history of use, both as a medicinal and metaphysical ally.  In the middle ages, it was known as Cingulum Sancti Johannis, because Saint John the Baptist famously wore a belt of it whenever he traveled through the woods.  It is referenced often in Celtic and Norse mythology as a magical plant that can ward off evil, and was hung in doorways and burnt as incense to clear stagnant air and prevent illness.

Mugwort is known as “Molush” by the Chumash Indians of California, and its Paiute name translates literally to “Dream Plant”.  It’s often smoked in indigenous ceremonies, and interestingly, is also hailed by various tribes for its power to ward off evil, bad spirits, and disease.

Known for its dream-enhancing effects, many report that it magnifies the brilliance of color and overall duration of their mid-slumber journeys. On a personal note, I’ve had some lovely experiences with this one ☺

Mugwort grows just about everywhere. You’ll often find it underfoot, whether in the woods or walking through an overgrown urban environment.  Is it sheer chance that this sacred herb that reportedly heightens consciousness is sprouting up all around us?

Preparation: Like the two plants mentioned above, Mugwort is quite often taken as a tea, but can also be smoked in a pipe. The leaves of the Mugwort plant are what contain the active chemical constituents.

I wish you wonderful and wisdom-packed journeys tonight, and many nights thereafter. Remember, like any good herbalist, we each need to do careful research on the medicinals we choose to work with – this is a central pillar of the plant path.

Everyone deserves to dream,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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About Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and producing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick's current role as executive producer of "Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness" and founder of The Sacred Science stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and healing technologies of the ancient world.

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  1. Merlee Harris says:

    Can I get these herbs from you.. I love your take on dream time, I have many lucid dreams
    It’s a place for me to recharge my batteries
    Thank you

  2. mimi says:

    http://www.dreamcatcherbotanicals.com/ Great herbs and teas for dreaming……

  3. Alicia says:

    Great article! Valerian has the opposite effect on me! When I have taken it to help me sleep it keeps me awake all night. Same with camomile. Do you have any idea what name mugwort has in South America???

  4. Oriole says:

    It would be nice to have the Latin names of these herbs as common names very round the world.

  5. Oriole says:

    People with gastrointestinal disorders or those taking antacids should not take artemisia because it increases the production of stomach acid

  6. Gwen says:

    You are missing Xhosa root. I use it for shamanic lucid dream states

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you for this onto. Will look into this, I can use it!

  8. Karen says:

    Thsnk you do much for this article !!! In the bible God spoke to his people through dreams…. I’ve been adking God to give me some prophetic dreams & this will help not to give me lucid dreams but to remember them !!!

  9. Constance Hill says:

    Valuable information. Thank you!

  10. Thank YouSo Much! says:

    Very timely for me. Mahalo! <3 xo

  11. Jackie Parker says:

    Thank you. I have not heard of Asparagus root being used. That is super cool and I’ll have to experiment. Green Blessings

  12. Antonia says:

    Thanks you for compiling this Nick! Having more information in “categories” is a definite aid when working with those we care to help uplift, nourish, heal.

  13. Mari says:

    I wish people would educate themselves a bit more thoroughly on Valerian root. Not everyone can take it and it can have some pretty bad effects on those particular people

  14. Jim says:

    Another good herb to use,

    Is Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes lucida). I have not heard of it being outlawed yet, as it van be purchased just about anywhere. We also have several species of Wild Lettuce (Lactuca spp.) – However, this one should be studied first as there special preparations needed for parts of the herb (like from the milky sap).

    Very insightful article.

  15. dianne says:

    Where can I purchase good quality Wild Asparagus Root? I loved this article. Very informative and helpful, and am very interested in finding a good, reliable source for all three of these herbs. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Zana Grant says:

    Im going to try these. I have a sleeping disorder and am on several supplements, melatonin , Cbd oil, ALA, taurine and others as well as a blood pressure med and SAM e. I’m 65 years old. Any
    Hints where I could focus my research so I know what the contras are? I’ve taken valerian before
    But not familiar with the other two. I too believe everyone should dream and I’m afraid if I don’t start remembering the process of dreaming I’m not really sleeping. Thanks. Zana

  17. Jesus Robles says:

    is there some kind of Herbal plant that will cure man’s E.D. that is a major concern in the men’s world of today?

  18. Lindsay Speed says:

    Hi Nick, do you know of the other great use for mugwort? If rubbed on your skin prior to exposure, or after exposure(the sooner, the better)it reduces or prevents the urushiol oil of the poison oak from bonding with your skin and causing a reaction. In a beautiful coincidence(?) of balance <3, mugwort usually grows where poison oak is found.

  19. Richard Arroyo says:

    Dear Nick
    Thanks for your information !
    I’m a spiritual guy and believe in dreams advices ! Also I had have three astral voyages and is a fantastic experience!
    Now I dream sometimes and will like to dream more often and remember what I was dreamed
    I’ll try valerians tea to se improved my dreams more conservative! Hugs Richard

  20. D.J. Jordan says:

    I have always honored the work, the videos & the information from THE SACRED SCIENCE!!!
    I respect everyones’s research & opinions.
    I rarely ‘remember’ my dreams. Yet, just last night I had a ‘NIGHTMARE’! I was totally aware that I was dreaming & it lasted 15-20 minutes, before I woke up! I even wrote it down!
    I was told, MANY years ago, by someone of high regard……… that people who DON’T dream – are actually on/in a higher level of consciousmness!!!
    I’m just wondering Nick, what do you or your team or your Shamans, think about this idea?
    I am just the most curious person I know!
    THX MUCH & Lovingly XxX ❤️

  21. Donna says:

    My daughter has been experiencing some interesting dreams, she ll be in awe when she reads this article. Lol

  22. Maria Di Mase says:

    I would like to bay these herb from you . I live in Italy but I will be in Miami at the end of october.
    Do you thing it will be possible to send the herbs to Italy?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you and compliments for your page

  23. Jada Fire says:

    just loved this one! Thank you. type your comment here…

  24. Cindy Marlow says:

    I’ve been using valerian tincture to help me transition from Ambien. I’ve gone from having no dreams to having dreams that I think belong to someone else! I’m a calm, spiritual person but my dreams have been filled with war, death, and chaos. I feel like I’m picking up on someone else’ stream channel. Im going away to the mountains for 4 days and will see if being in nature will calm my dreams.

    • stan says:

      The content of the dream isn’t the message of the dream. I would interpret your dream as meaning that you have an internal conflict. Is there a part of you that you are suppressing?

    • Chianka Storm says:

      Cindy..dear one it is the Ambien talking. I was on it more than once. Getting off it will cause strange mental effects. It will pass. If you are aware of any spiritual qifts you have you could be dreaming of future things to happen or your own conflicts. Detoxing fron Ambein is important…clean your liver out. Use milkthistle tinture. And good luck with Valerian. I love it.

  25. Joke Prince says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful information!!

  26. Daniel Ortega says:

    Sacred plants are a catalyst to higher levels of consciousness. I use herb for body, heart and mental health. Thanks for the dream plant information. Happy dreaming!

  27. Linda Rumbolt says:

    This is very interesting..I’ve taken valerian root before to sleep and found it works quite well for deep sleep..after reading this I’ll start it up again.. I have tried the Mugwart but can’t remember (ha, ha) what my experience was..But, I was wondering if it would help out with my memory issues I’m having..??
    Thanks for sharing this with me..
    Linda Rumbolt..

  28. Amy Adams says:

    Valerian also helps with anger management. I believe it has similar compounds as Valium. Can someone verify this?

  29. Stillness says:

    I’m wondering if anyone else has tried Wild Asparagus Root and if it has kept them awake most of the night. May be just a be a coincidence, but I used it before bedtime in tea and barely slept a week. My mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts. Not necessarily strange thoughts, but I just couldn’t clear my mind and go to sleep. I usually sleep pretty good. Anyone else have this happen?

  30. Fiona says:

    As always your information is timely and much appreciated. Love & light

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  34. Carol says:

    If you can’t get these herbs or rather not take them, try some of the spiritual exercises given in a wonderful book, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, by Harold Klemp. It’s full of great information, stories, and insights.

  35. Star Goddess says:

    Thank you for the great great information. I am looking forward to using it. Many blessings.

  36. Donna Broomall Cain, L.Ac. says:

    Just a comment about valerian, 95% of the people who take it will achieve a state of relaxation, and if taken at night, the dream state that you described. The other 5%, however, will become hyper excited. Not a relaxing experience!

  37. nidya says:

    Hi Nick, have you heard of Agraz? and what are the benefits?
    thank you
    Nidya Arsenault

  38. Nancy Pocklington says:

    Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

  39. JOHN says:

    Hi Nick Thanks for those pearls of wisdom. I will certainly try these herbs. Can I share a well known herb with you. “Cannabis”. You don’t have to smoke the cannabis plant to get its effects. If you buy a good quality cannabis in the Incense form and burn a stick in your bedroom before dropping off to sleep it will have the desired effects. As you have no problem with recalling spiritual dreams [ the sign of an advanced soul ] you can probably dream lucid dreams and recall them without the help of herbs. Most people like myself need something to help us remember our dreams. Meditation just before bedtime is a good way also to remember dreams. The Late Great Roy Orbison who had a tragic family loss before he died, put it perfectly in his timeless song,. ” In Dreams ” Kind Regards ” John

  40. Nse says:

    Can I buy these herbs from you, or from where?

  41. Kathy says:

    You didn’t mention how much of each we should take. Where do we get them? Are they in pill form?

  42. Tania Williams says:

    Thanks Nick, I will definitely be trying all of these. Just a note on Valerian; although it is used as a sedative, it is also great to take before an exam due to its ability to both relax and focus the mind, so it makes sense that it would help with dreaming as well.

  43. Peter J Sullivan, M.A. says:

    What is the difference between cultivated asparagus and wild asparagus?

  44. Mary Pat Palmer says:

    you forgot Calea zachatachichi

  45. Cathy says:

    Potatoes everybody will no fail give very vivid most profound dreams. I’ve found eating fresh potato mostly skin on never over cooked cause me to wake up in WOW~ Sweet Dreams!!

  46. KATRINA says:

    As one who loves flying dreams and dream work in general, I make a dream balm to encourage these experiences. I solar infuse mugwort, hops and valerian root in olive oil and then add essential oils of oakmoss and lavender. I keep a jar on my night stand and rub the balm at my temples, between my brows and then around each nostril and upper lip. It works pretty consistently. Now I want to play with some asparagus roots! Thank you for the inspiring article~

  47. Nellie Edwards says:


  48. Luis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. I will try the herbs you mentioned and will share with you any interesting developments 🙂

  49. Matt says:

    Add Skullcap to that list!

  50. Alice Frankel says:

    This is a fascinating subject and I would like to find and try out some of the substances mentioned online today. So much life is available in our world, but too much evil is more and more destructive.
    I am grateful for all your information.

  51. zili liu says:

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  52. Lydia says:

    Valerian is a very potent herb, however, it tastes and smells terrible. I tried brewing tea and could only manage one swallow. Instead, I made capsules which was much easier to ingest. I also found Blue Vervain to be useful as well.

  53. Deborah porter says:

    I don’t sleep well,this come under position vacant looking for work

  54. Caroline Hames says:

    I love your Wisdom ?
    Thank you for including me on your Inspiring and Motivational Database !

    Best Wishes Caroline xx

  55. Maureen says:

    We are about to do a Workshop on Lucid Dreaming. These 3 herbs would be helpful I am sure. We live
    in Ecuador and are looking forward to doing this workshop. Thanks so much for writing this article.


  56. Steve harshbarger says:

    Nice try!

  57. Daniel Roberto Ortega says:

    OMG Nick your message about these herbs and lucid dreaming is perfect timing for astral travel and discovering joy, entertainment, relaxation and fun, along with spirit wisdom and its human condition. Thank you brother, I love your enthusiasm for healing the earth and all its inhabitants of paradise.

  58. Brandy Fitch says:

    Nick, I want to say thank you for all your blogs. I don’t normally leave comments or subscribe to any sites, except for yours. I feel that the internet strengthens the interconnectedness of collective consciousness and whatever is going on in my life, any questions or inspiration needed, Sacred Science emails always parrallel my life path. So again Thank you. We MUST continue being soldiers of light, we will ignite like a wild fire out to cleanse and start new life.

  59. Jacek says:

    Nick, in regards to your personal experience with Mugwort, did you drink a tea from it, or did you smoke it?

  60. Gerald lukaniuk says:

    Care mist be taken woth mugwort because it alao can cure addiction ruthless criminal powers in medicine, liquor governments in other organized crime have been suppressing it for centuries literally burning witches at the stake and substitution other herbs like worm wood. The chinese call it moxia used burning on accupu ncture needles for cures. In had to be done underground in NA because of legal suppression. Now that its is not as controlled shipments are of another herb that is useless. It was burned in early churches to ward off evil. Ei bring down people hallucinating from alcohol or noxious plants. It was repaced. Formerly use as a beer flavour ruthless brewers replaced it with hops to increase addition. A glass bottom glass was invented to view the herbs called a MUG after MUGwort.

  61. Mike Shreeve says:

    Hi Nick – cheers for this article – i plan to try out yr suggestions – i love that mugwort can ( in theory) be found everywhere —- in return i offer that Almonds are also pretty good for astral travel…( go for organic whole nuts, not blanched): Eat a handful or go large on almond nutbutter snax.. Yerba Mate tea possibly helpful too: bear in mind it’s quite caffeiny ( take early in the day) and effects can be strengthened by boiling and allowing to cool 3 times– anyone have results with this?

  62. Tim says:

    … Tagetes lucida? Great tasting tea or flavoring! Mexican tarragon

  63. Connie Jennings says:

    Natural earth medicine is best

  64. Will Sessions says:

    I have never experienced the effects of Mugwort or Wild Asparagus Root but I know full well the power of Valerian Root. Before I ever knew about its dream enhancing properties it was suggested that I use it to help me sleep through the night, which it did wonderfully. But the vividness of my dreams was something that I was not anticipating and found it to be very pleasant. But what I enjoy the most about Valerian root is the way I feel throughout the next day. It has a very calming and mentally relaxing effect for me. I have recommended it to many others in the past and still do today. But now I have discovered the power of something else that is just as, if not more, amazing than Valerian root and that is Reishi spores. Nick, you did an interview with Tero from Four Sigmatic Foods not too long ago about the healing power of medicinal mushrooms and on a side note, I am forever grateful for that. I had no idea what the Reishi spores were going to be like and I can tell you, they have a very pleasant relaxing effect as well and then the dreams I experience are colorful, vivid and quite entertaining. But then when I wake up I feel so refreshed after having had the deepest sleep of my life. I highly recommend them to anyone and would definitely add them to this list. A word of caution with them though. Until a person gets familiar with their effects I suggest taking them in the evening after all driving and awareness activities are completed, just to be on the safe side. I usually consume them with my evening meal or in a tea. Thank you for your continued service to humanity Nick. You have been such a blessing to my life. I hope your life is peaceful and balanced and you have all you need. Namaste my friend.

  65. Fey says:

    Hi Nick, how about Cannabis? Would love to hear your research about this magical plant. Thank you

  66. Jose says:

    Fantastic !!

  67. Norma Loquellano says:

    Interesting I like to learn more I like to try I just hope it will not give me side effecct.

  68. Michael Fox says:

    Since diurnal plants have melatonin I would think that taking melatonin would help potentiate the effects of mugwort, valerian and wild asparagus root. Also the readily available catnip may prove interesting also as a tea with these other herbs.

  69. Margo says:

    How interesting. I lucid dream quite a bit, and I also take shatavari often (in between other tinctures.) Adding B6 at night also helps.

  70. Margo says:

    How interesting. I lucid dream quite a bit, and I also take shatavari often (in between other tinctures.) Adding B6 at night also helps.

  71. Tammy Marko-Gee says:

    It’s funny, that on Facebook I see my friends post that their sick with this or that. I comment to them with natural remedies. And their willing to choose the pharmaceutical route. My Daddy came a small village in(at the time Czechoslovakia). Where he learned from his Grandma what plants were good for what alments. He came to USA, married my Mom and 3 girls later, I’m the only one who cares to take the herbal route! My Daddy and I would be cooking and instinctively hand over a clover of garlic each other?. I use garlic in everything and still pop a clove in my mouth and 1 for my Daddy (he has since passed away).
    I use sea salt to clean out my nose, by using warm water and sea salt talking a mouth full and forcing it out my nose! It works wonders! And haven’t had a cold in who knows how long!!! I LOVE herbal remedies!!! Peace & Love & Herbal It Up!!!?

  72. fred.reade says:

    Guyusa promotes a new access to the dream state. It does contain caffeine though, so best for use before 4pm. However, it may give you unbelievable access to your dream content. I’ve also experimented with using it for my lucid dream practice. For me, it’s an afternoon nap practice.

  73. Yolanda Gomez says:

    Hola por años he tenido sueños lucidos, incluso puedo pararme al baño y de regreso a la cama sigo el ritmo de lo que estaba soñando..por lo general, son lugares que en este plano no conozco, pero se positivamente que he estado alli y me gustan mucho, puedo sentir la paz que en ese pueblo o ciudad vivi en algun momento..sigo soñando, aun cuando sufro de insomnio, es raro cuando paso una noche sin hacerlo..buscare aqui en mipais, Venezuela, al menos la Valeriana y Artemisa, la otra hierba no creo sea facil de ubicar..gracias..¡

  74. Rebecca Anderson says:

    This evening I brewed valarian mugwort, nettles and sage….a tap of cinnamon and honey…brewed with orange juice…..

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