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6 WEEK Live Brain Health Workshop
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If you want to nourish and heal your brain...
To elevate your mood, your health, and your life...
To naturally become sharper, happier, more focused, and more vibrant...
As you strengthen the mental pathways that keep your mind youthful...
This course is for you.

Your brain is the command center of your body, keeping all systems functioning. Every move you make starts in your brain. It’s a signal from your brain that causes your legs to walk, your hand to grip the cup you drink from, and your mouth to form the next word you speak.
All of the emotions you feel – love, anger, fear, annoyance, enthusiasm, gratitude – all are generated within your brain as well…
So when your brain isn't functioning at its peak, both your internal and external world naturally begin to suffer tremendously.
This can manifest in common challenges like stress, depression, brain fog, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder -- or one of the more serious diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, bipolar, or MS.
In order to heal these imbalances and turbo-boost your brain naturally, we've created something truly special for you...
In our 6 Week Brain Health Workshop, renowned functional neurologist Dr. Titus Chiu will give you step-by-step guidance on how to better understand this system of your body and its unique needs. Each week, you will be empowered with proven natural strategies that are designed to bring your brain back into harmonious balance.
Have you been feeling tired, moody, anxious, or depressed? Do you have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time? Do you forget your keys or wallet on a regular basis? Are you good with people’s names? Do you get overwhelmed easily?

All of this could be due to a brain imbalance. 
This 6 week journey will empower you with everything you need to bring your brain back into a state of equilibrium and live a life of health and vitality – one you likely never even imagined possible!

Our 6 Week Brain Health Workshop includes:

Weekly Sessions (60-90 minutes each)
Dr. Chiu will be hosting weekly calls and Live office hours to take you through these techniques and give you the guidance and support you need for a truly immersive experience.
An interactive and nurturing online members community
You will also have access to a dynamic and interactive private forum on Facebook where everyone can share their experiences, challenges, ask questions, and seek support from our global community.
Go at your own pace, with unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions
You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to watch or listen online, or download the
sessions onto your device.
PDF transcripts for each class session
We will be converting all of the live talks into transcripts as well, for those who would also like to read through the materials.
Secure access to our Inner Circle Membership Area
This is where all of your course materials, weekly session replays, and other downloadable resources and handouts from Dr. Chiu can be safely stored and accessed for life.

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Here’s what will be covered in each of the
Week 1: The Inner Workings Of Your Mind
The essential first step in healing your brain is understanding how it works! We begin by diving into the 3 neural networks that are at the core of it all. Understanding how these brain pathways work will help you get to the root cause of why you feel the way you do.

We will also dive into key scientific concepts that will set you up for success as well as go over tools you will be using throughout the course to empower you to take control of your own brain health.

You will learn a great deal about your brain this week as we lay the foundation for the modules to come.
Alzheimer’s memory loss due to Dementia and brain disease with the abstract medical icon of a human head and neurology research as a 3D illustration.
Week 2: Activating The Magic Of Neuroplasticity (Your Inner Healer)
In this week’s session, we will reveal some very practical actions you can take to start strengthening your brain at the source. These exercises are known as "brain training."

We will lead you on a VIP tour of your brain and how it relates to brain training. This will include a deep journey into your prefrontal cortex, as well as your hippocampus and brainstem. Dr. Chiu will go into great detail on where they are located, what they do, and how to know when things are "off" in these regions.

Most importantly, Dr. Chiu will be teaching you a whole bunch of practical brain training exercises! This is an action-packed session with very interactive hands-on applications!
Out of Your Mind Science series. Design made of spiral of human silhouette face line and abstract elements on the subject of consciousness, the mind, artificial intelligence and technology
Week 3: Stopping Brain Inflammation
In this week’s session, Dr. Chiu will be sharing with you one of the most dangerous forces when it comes to your brain health: neuroinflammation.

This week is all about learning key ways to detect, prevent and reverse this destructive condition that is all too common in our modern world. This alone can wreak havoc on your mental health, and often you don't even know it's happening.

Dr. Chiu is also going to go over the top 10 foods to either add or avoid in your quest to heal your brain. This is a highly informative week that you don't want to miss!
Human brain illustrated with millions of small nerves - Conceptual 3d render
Week 4: Herbs, Supplements and Nutrients
In week 4, we will be exploring some powerful natural remedies for your brain and nervous system!

You'll discover the most powerful brain-healing botanicals. Some of these herbs have been used for thousands of years, but science is starting to really understand how they work on a neurological level.

We'll also dive into supplements and nutrients for better brain health. Dr. Chiu will answer some of the most common questions about supplements, like: "Are nootropics and other supplements actually worth adding in?" and, "Is healthy diet, lifestyle, and good stress management practices enough when it comes to my brain health?"
Week 5: Transformative Lifestyle Habits
This might be one of the most important sessions of this whole workshop.

Taking this course is a huge step in the right direction, but we also want to help you continue this incredible healing journey well into the future!

With that in mind, Dr. Chiu will be focusing this week on 3 critical lifestyle habits to sustain your brain: stress-reduction, better sleep, and the art of mental downtime.

More specifically, you will learn a simple and powerful way to dissolve stress, 3 top brain hacks for better sleep, and you’ll get a full immersion experience with the art of downtime -- as it relates to healing your brain.
human and spirit powerful energy connect to the universe power abstract art watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
Week 6: Miracle Mindset Practices
This final week is one of the more challenging sessions -- but with all the foundational work we've laid down throughout the first 5 weeks, you will be ready for this essential final piece of the puzzle.

Mindset is the intentional process of shifting your thought patterns from negative to positive. In order to truly unlock the power of your brain to heal itself, this is a crucial step.

Dr. Chiu will walk you through this practice by first teaching you about your built-in negativity bias. You will learn what it is and how to overcome it using 5 steps to silence your inner critic. From there, you will dive deeply into the scientifically proven power of positive thought patterns and how to shift your mindset towards one of profound healing.
Abstract palm hands touching brain with network connections, innovative technology in science and communication concept

What People Are Saying About Dr. Titus Chiu and his Powerful Teaching:

Dr. Chiu seamlessly weaves together the complex worlds of Neurology and Functional Biology.
Dr. Mark Hyman
Taking this course, I finally felt I was able to relate all my symptoms to specific parts of the brain, and see the reasons why, if this part of my brain was injured, these are the resulting symptoms.

I loved Dr. Chiu’s energy, passion and enthusiasm, continual positive reinforcement that he has our back, and we have this, we can do this! He has an excellent way of presenting, reviewing and explaining everything in an easy, reassuring and supportive manner. He continued to check in with everyone on the calls to make sure we were getting an understanding. He paid particular attention to us being able to leave with a sequenced understood plan of action specific to each of us. This is not an easy thing to do on-line with a varied group of students. I was so impressed with his skill and so grateful that he made all this knowledge and material available to us.

I got way more information, knowledge, reassurance, and understanding of what was happening in my brain then I thought was possible in an online course!"
Carolyn R.
Dr. Chiu - VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE in his subject matter. An enjoyable and passionate teacher. Sense of humor. Appreciated the reviews. Appreciated the format. LOVED the COURSE. Thank you!
Amazing amount of info in these sessions. Glad we will have the videos for rechecking. Thanks for making it enjoyable and comprehensible.
Dr. Chiu has provided a very well organized program, the content was informative, incredibly clear and structured with numerous useful resources, overall a great educational and self-empowering opportunity.
Clementina L.

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1 PAYMENT OF $397 $297
3 PAYMENTS OF $143 $107
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this course, you can request a full refund by emailing [email protected] within 30 Days of the course start date and we’ll happily issue you a refund. No questions asked!

During the 6 modules of this powerful course you’ll:

Get to know your unique mental health profile.
Discover the #1 hidden force that is keeping your brain from functioning at its peak.
Explore the most well studied herbs and medicinal mushrooms for nourishing your brain and reversing underlying issues that may be impairing your mind.
Learn how to harness the miraculous power of neuroplasticity to heal your brain and reverse cognitive decline.
Acquire simple healthy personal habits that will enhance your sense of well-being and support your physical and mental health for the rest of your life.
Discover the intimate connection between your gut microbiome and your brain -- and how to optimize your digestive health to reverse cognitive dis-ease.
Remove “invisible” stressors and toxins from your home and work environment that might be sabotaging your brain and neurological health.
Unlock the power of deep sleep to regenerate brain cells and make your brain younger.
Receive support and encouragement from a close-knit online tribe of individuals who are doing this brain health workshop right alongside you.
Achieve a brain upgrade that will protect you from disease, alleviate a variety of challenges, and change your life significantly for the better!
When you register for our 6 Week Brain Health Workshop today, you will receive the following Special Bonuses:
Awaken your Vagus Nerve - (pdf format) Activate Your VAGUS NERVE to get a handle on your stress and heal your brain-gut connection. In this Quickstart Guide, you'll discover: A) The hidden root cause of chronic gut symptoms, anxiety, post-concussion syndrome and more; B) 10 Science-Backed Brain Hacks to activate your vagus nerve and C) Low tech and high tech ways to awaken your vagus nerve for better brain function. Your vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves that connect your brainstem with the rest of your body, for enhanced brain-body communication. With a weakened vagus nerve, you can suffer from common brain health issues like chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, and many more. With its very central role, it’s not just important for your brain health. An activated vagus nerve will impact your entire well-being.
Common Senses Ebook - (pdf format) Unlock your brain’s ability to heal and explore the scientific reasons behind recovery even from the most challenging brain health problems. I take you through the journey of a patient and how the BrainSAVE! approach helped restore her brain health. By putting together a lot of groundbreaking science, proven methods, and the Top 5 Sensory exercises I teach you in this book, you can start your way into recovery ASAP. Also inside are 6 Key Ingredients for Total Brain Health that you need to know to keep your brain in its best shape.
About Dr. Titus Chiu
Dr. Titus Chiu is an award-winning professor, #1 best-selling author, award-winning international speaker, and leader in the field of Functional Neurology. He brings the best of both Eastern and Western medicine together—combining the art of traditional healing with the latest breakthroughs in brain science, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. He uses Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology to help people struggling with post-concussion syndrome, anxiety, brain fatigue, Hashimoto’s, Alzheimer’s and many other neurological and autoimmune symptoms experience a whole new level of health– by getting to the root cause of what’s ailing them.
Layer 11
He helps patients with autoimmunity and complex neurological conditions get well and stay well by offering highly personalized wellness programs, both online and in-person, at KOBA Family Wellness Center in Berkeley, California and through his wellness and education brand BrainSAVE!
After going through many vague medical conditions himself and surviving a horrible car crash, he has been inspired to share his path to recovery and believes in everyone’s ability to heal through teaching.
Recognizing his impact on the lives of thousands of people, he received the Educator of the Year Award from the International Association for Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation in 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the weekly sessions be delivered to me?
A: You will be receiving all of your course materials, including the links to each live weekly call via email and also within a private membership portal that you will be given secure access to.
Q: What is the best way to reach customer support with any questions or concerns I have?
A: You can contact our customer support team at [email protected] where we will be happy to answer any questions you have!
Q: Can I still join the course even if I don’t have a Facebook account?
A: Yes, that’s totally fine. Many of our students aren’t on Facebook. The private FB group is optional and only there if you’d like to interact with other students and see what people are posting or asking.
Q: What can we ask in the FB Group? Who answers the questions? Can I ask Dr. Chiu specific questions?
A: You can post or ask general questions about brain health and your experience through the course. Any posts or questions unrelated to brain health or out of scope for the course will not be addressed. Answers and comments will be coming from Dr. Chiu and members of his team, as well as members of The Sacred Science Team. Please do not expect Dr. Chiu to answer all of the questions.
Q: Am I required to get any tests done or purchase any products or supplements mentioned in the course?
A: They are only suggestions or recommendations, and are only encouraged if you have the financial means to do so. VERY IMPORTANT: Unless Dr. Chiu is your primary care provider (which for most of you is not the case) he cannot discuss your results with you. Therefore, BEFORE you decide to take any tests, or purchase any products or supplements, please consult with your doctor.
Q: What if I find that this course isn’t a fit for me after purchasing it?
A: No worries! If you aren’t 100% happy with the course, simply contact our support team (using the email above) within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.

Click one of the options below to reserve your spot now.

(25% Discount - Limited Time Only!)

1 PAYMENT OF $397 $297
3 PAYMENTS OF $143 $107
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this course, you can request a full refund by emailing [email protected] within 30 Days of the course start date and we’ll happily issue you a refund. No questions asked!
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